The CARE GUIDE this quarter is about MRSA in a Correctional Setting. This program is based upon the Center for Disease Control guidelines for care of the MRSA patient in a correctional setting. As always, a Patient Education Pamphlet is included on our site. All information is based upon current best practices in the literature. Since our sister site, THE CORRECTIONAL NURSE EDUCATOR offers classes online that award continuing education hours accredited by the California Board of Nursing, our CARE GUIDES are based on classes found there. The classes offered are topics and practices specific to the correctional environment, and pertinent to your practice as a correctional health professional. Please let us know if there are particular topics about which you would like to learn.

RESOURCES page is just the beginning...more sites will be added as you suggest them.

We are very excited to announce, in response to your requests, that we are now offering
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Nursing and the provision of healthcare in jails and prisons is often a combination of ingenuity, flexibility, persistence and skill. This website is for all who work in correctional healthcare. You are to be applauded for your hard work and dedication to a population that isn’t always appreciative of your efforts! We have wanted to develop this site where correctional healthcare professionals could go for resources specific to their practice and to communicate with others who understand the special nature of Nursing behind the Wall for a long time. We are now able to do this as part of our work at Correctional HealthCare Consultants. Please take a moment and look at our pages.